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Unformatted text preview: 7, 8.1‐8.7) EXAM 1 (covering Part 1 topics only) Part 2 Complex Formation, Chelates, EDTA, Titrations (Chapter 9) Potentiometry, Nernst Equation, ISEs, RedOx Tirations (Chapters 12, 13, 14.1‐14.3) Absorbance Spectrophotometry, Beer's Law, Mixtures, Standard Addition Method (SAM) (Chapters 16, 17.4, and page 13 for SAM concept) Solvent Extraction, Separations (Chapters 18, 19), Ion Chromatography (Chapter 21.3, 21.4) Flow Injection Analysis (Chapter 23) EXAM 2 (covering Part 2 topics only) There will be no classes after Exam 2 There is no Final Exam for this lab course Homework: Homework assignments will be posted on the course web page. Working out the homework is voluntary and you will not be required to turn it in for gradin...
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