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Unformatted text preview: time efficiently by working on two or three unknowns at a time. However, no more than three (3) unknowns, i.e., lab problems, may be outstanding at one time. Read instructions for the lab problem in the manual before going to the lab, so that you understand the method. Also, the pre‐lab calculation must be completed prior to starting a given lab with the calculation in your lab book presented to your TA. Repeat Policy You may do labs over once, but you get penalized by 10% off the repeat; therefore, the score for a lab repeat will be reduced by an additional 1 point. Repeating lab work is not recommended unless absolutely necessary and only if time allows. However, there are no free repeats for calculations. If you make a calculation error, recalculations are penalized 5% of the total possible, which is 10 points per lab. These deductions are cumulative. For example, since each lab is worth 10 point max., each recalculation will result in 0.5 point deduction. 3 Course Calendar Mo Tue 3/31 4/1 Class Lab 4/7 4/8 Class Lab 4/14 4/15 Class Lab 4/21 4/22 Class Lab 4/28 4/29 Class Lab 5/5 5/6 Class Lab 5/12 5/13 Class Lab 5/19 5/20 Exam 2 Lab No class 5/27 Lab No class 6/3 Wed 4/2 Class Th 4/3 Lab Fri 4/4 Class 4/9 Class 4/10 Lab 4/11 Class 4/16 Class 4/17 Lab 4/18 Class 4/23 Exam 1 4/24 Lab 4/25 Class 4/30 Class 5/1 Lab 5/2 Class 5/7 Class 5/8 Lab 5/9 Class 5/14 Class 5/15 Lab 5/16 Class No classes after Exam 2 5/22 Lab No class No class 5/29 Lab Noclass No class 6/5 No class Lab Checkout 4...
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