Cathedral - to make it like they are old friends and make...

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“Cathedral” “Cathedral” is about a married couple and their encounter with one of the wife’s old friends. The husband finds out that there is a man that is visiting them that is an old friend of his wife’s. The man’s wife has just died and he was pretty close to them from visiting in-laws so he decided that he would come visit. He also finds out that this man is blind. He is not very happy about this because he does not really like blind people that much. He believed that they moved slow and never laughed. His wife knows the blind man because she used to work for him. After she worked for him they sent tapes back and forth so they could communicate with each other. She would read things to him. The blind man arrived on a train. Before dinner they sat in the living room and talked. The wife gave the husband a very dirty look because he was not being very kind to him. Robert started to call him Bub as
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Unformatted text preview: to make it like they are old friends and make it easier for them to get to know each other. Robert was able to tell the difference between a color tv set and black and white set. The wife got tired and finally went to bed which left Robert and Bub. Bub got out some marijuana and even though he had never smoked before Robert took the marijuana and smoked it. They are watching tv and the only thing on is about cathedrals back in the middle ages. Robert asks Bub to explain what it looks like. Bub can’t really describe it so Robert tells him to draw it. Robert tells Bub to get a pen and heavy paper so they can draw it out. They spend a lot of time drawing it and eventually Robert gets the idea of what the tv is talking about. Bub does a good job of showing what the cathedral and Robert is able to feel it out. Bub changed his opinion of blind people after the night with Robert....
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Cathedral - to make it like they are old friends and make...

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