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Journal # 18 DJ Poem The poem is about a poet who is on the radio and the DJ is introducing him to the audience. The DJ says, “we have in the studio today a real live poet!” The DJ gets the audience going and then Blackman tells the audience what kind of a poem he is going to be doing. He reads a haiku. He tells how “in the poetry circles “ it’s a 5,7,5 poem. The tone of the poem is one of jubilation. The DJ is very excited while reading the poem and
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Unformatted text preview: throughout has a very encouraging tone. Interesting imagery is when the DJ is talking about different things and rhyming, like not paying taxes. Also, the poem that Blackman reads is interesting because it is about a plane and summertime. It is very short and the DJ even asks, “that’s it brother Blackman?”...
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