Girl - how to walk like a lady She will learn how to sew a...

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“Girl” “Girl” is about a mother telling her daughter everything she can and can’t do. The daughter seems to be a slut. The mother is very intent in making it so her daughter will not be considered a slut. Though, that’s what the daughter seems to be so keen on becoming. The mother tells her everything from how she should dress to how she should look at different types of men. She also tells her how she should do things to make her husband happy. Also, how she should cook certain kinds of food. She will have to learn
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Unformatted text preview: how to walk like a lady. She will learn how to sew a button onto clothes. She will learn how to wash clothes and when to wash them. At the end of the story the daughter wants to know what she does if the baker does not let her touch the bread. Her mother tells her that she will be a woman that the baker will let feel the bread and therefore will be a lady....
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