EE 435 HW 1 Sol Spring 2009

This will reduce the overall area occupancy of the

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Unformatted text preview: fier. This will reduce the overall area occupancy of the opamp and/or improve the settling characteristics of the common-mode and differential output signal of the opamp. The opamp may be part of a multi-stage amplifier or an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) (e.g., a pipelined ADC), which may form part of a multi-stage wireless communications base station receiver. Schematic diagram of a multi-stage amplifier with an improved one stage BiCMOS opamp 3 c) The following code works in MATLAB Version 7.70 (R2008b) clear clc syms gm1 gm2 gm3 gm4 go1 go2 go3 go4 go9... Va Vb Vc Vd Vin1 Vin2 Vgs1 Vgs2 Vgs3 Vgs4 s C S = solve(gm1*Vgs1 - gm3*Vgs3 + Va*go3 + (Va-Vc)*go1,... -gm1*Vgs1 + (Vc-Va)*go1 + (Vc-Vb)*go2 - gm2*Vgs2 + Vc*go9,... gm2*Vgs2 - gm4*Vgs4 + Vb*go4 + (Vb-Vc)*go2 + Vb*(s*C),... Va - Vgs3,... Va - Vgs4,... 'Vgs2 - Vgs1 = Vd',... %Let Vd=Vin2-Vin1,when Vin1=0, Vd=Vin2 Va,Vb,Vc,Vgs1,Vgs2,Vgs3,Vgs4) fprintf('Vout+ / Vin- =') pretty(factor(S.Vb)/Vd) Output from Matlab: Vout+ / Vin = gm1 gm2 go9 gm1 go2 go4 gm2 go1 go4 + gm1 go2 go9 + gm1 go4 go9 + C gm1 go2 s C gm2 go1 s + C gm1 go9 s 3 d) Assume all go<<gm, go1=go2=go9, gm1=gm2=gm9, go3=go4, gm3=gm4. Vout+ /Vin = gm1 gm2 go9 gm1 go2 go9 + gm1 go4 go9 + C gm1 go2 s gm1 = go2 + go4 + C s gm1 = go1 + go3 + C s...
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