08 a compute the sample mean x and the sample

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Unformatted text preview: 11.65, 11.73, 12.15, 11.68, 11.85, 11.97, 11.70, 11.75, 11.87, 12.08 (a) Compute the sample mean x and the sample standard deviation s. ¯ (b) Make a Normal Q-Q plot for the data. Comment on the normality assumption. (c) Construct a 90% (two-sided) confidence interval for the overall average weight of beef in a ￿3/4-pound￿ burger at Burger Queen. (d) Burger Queen claims that “3/4-pound” burgers contain an average of at least 12 ounces of beef. Find the p-value for the test H0 : µ ≥ 12 versus H1 : µ < 12. STAT 420 Spring 2014: HW 1 2 University of Illinois Exercise 5 Assume that the distributions of X and Y are N(µ1 , σ 2 ) and N(µ2 , σ 2 ), respectively. Given the n = 4 observations of X , 105, 130, 135, 150 and the m = 6 observations of...
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