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Unformatted text preview: b) Fit a quadratic model. Overlay the least-squares (quadratic) regression line; does it seem to provide a better fit? (c) Fit a cubic model. Overlay the least-squares (cubic) regression line; which model (linear, quadratic, or cubic) do you choose and why? Exercise 2 A survey was conducted to study teenage gambling in Britain. (Ide-Smith & Lea, 1988, Journal of Gambling Behavior, 4, 110–118) The data is stored in the data frame teengamb (library faraway). This dataframe contains the following columns: sex status income verbal gamble 0=male, 1=female Socioeconomic status score based on parents￿ occupation in pounds per week verbal score in words out of 12 correctly defined expenditure on gambling in pounds per year We will try to model gamble as the response and the other variables as predictors. STAT 420 Spring 2014: HW 7 1 University of Illinois > library(faraway) > data(teengamb) (a) Plot gamble vs status, gamble vs income, and gamble vs verbal, using different symbols for m...
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