A Good Man Is Hard To Find

A Good Man Is Hard To Find - somewhere The kids are very...

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“A Good Man Is Hard To Find” “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” is about a family that is planning on going on vacation to Florida. There is a man, his wife and a baby, his mother and their two kids. Before they go the Grandmother is lobbying for them to go to Tennessee. She said that they haven’t been there in a long time and that’s where they should go. Another ploy to try and get them to go to Tennessee instead of Florida is because there is a killer who broke out of prison called the Misfit and he is supposedly in Florida. She tries to scare her son into deciding to go to Tennessee but he does not listen to her. The man is very quiet but does not seem to like his mother much and yells at the kids. They head off for Florida. The grandmother brings her cat with her. The two kids are very obnoxious and the grandmother can’t stand them. On the way the grandmother tells them this story about this slave plantation that she went to as a little girl. She said that there is gold in the house
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Unformatted text preview: somewhere. The kids are very intrigued about this so they pester their father until he finally decides that they will go there. On the way their car crashes and they are not able to get back on the road. A very auspicious looking truck comes by and offers to help them out. They don’t know it right away but this is the Misfit and his crew. After they help them with the car the grandmother realizes that this is the Misfit. He is not very happy that she recognized him because he now needs to kill all of them. The grandmother knows their fate but she still tries to convince the Misfit that he is a good man and does not need to kill them. The Misfit tells her about how he wasn’t sure what he was in jail for but he knew he did something because they had papers on him. His crew takes the father and son and shoots them in the woods. Then, they come back to take the mother and two other children and shoot them too. Last, the Misfit kills the grandmother himself....
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A Good Man Is Hard To Find - somewhere The kids are very...

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