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J need more rigorous design evalua4on use of feedback

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Unformatted text preview: lementa4on & Learning Transfer –  Importance of Learning Styles: •  Auditory •  Visual •  Kinesthe4c (Physical) Learning Transfer •  Requires Managerial Support •  Must Be Opportuni4es to Prac#ce •  Must Be Suppor4ve Feedback Chapter 5: Employee Training & Development •  Evalua4on of Training Programs: –  Par4cipant Reac4on –  Par4cipant Learning –  Behavioural Changes –  Organiza4onal Results •  Evalua4on Too Ocen Only Evaluates Reac4on (“Did you like it? J༄”) •  Need More Rigorous Design, Evalua4on & Use of Feedback •  To Assess & Maximize ROI of Human Capital Investments Mo4va4on, Commitment, Performance Mo4va4on Commitment Trust Knowledge Reward Daniel Pink on Mo4va4on hgp:// dan_pink_on_mo4va4on.html Dan Pink •  In Contrast to Conven4onal “Carrot & Pointed S4ck” Theories of...
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