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Unformatted text preview: Mo4va4on •  Pink Iden4fies as Key Mo4va4onal Factors Today (AMP!): –  Autonomy – Self- Direc4on –  Mastery – Learning, Mastering & Applying Skills & Knowledge –  Purpose – The Work & Product Ma=ers Discussion •  What does Dan Pink tell us about mo4va4on and performance? •  What is the link between mo4va4on, morale & produc4vity? •  So: What can an employer do to boost these – apart from replacing people with machines? Mo4va4on What do you see as the strongest mo4vator for your own career: A) Crea4ng Value in a Community B) Being Famous C) Enjoying a Balanced Life D) Being Massively Rich E) Gaining Power Introduc4on What is “employee compensa4on”? –  “all forms of rewards arising from employment” •  Direct financial payments – e.g. wages, salary, bonuses •  Indirect payments – e.g. paid vaca4on, medical benefits Type of payment –  Time worked vs. pay for performance (variable pay) 13 Elements of Compensa4on Pay: Hourly Wages vs. Salary Incen4ve & Bonus Pay Pay for Time vs. Pay for Performance Benefits: Insurance, Pension, Paid Time Off Work, Perks •  Also Non- Monetary Rewards •  •  •  •  Legal Context of Compensa4on •  Employment Standards: –  Minimum Wages –  Timing of Payments –  Stat...
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