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Seeing the juggling and struggling led to re design

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Unformatted text preview: in the target market n༆  Divide a week in 15 mins )me interval n༆  Ask household to describe TV view behavior o༆  People Meter n༆  A box connect the TV and the server n༆  A remote control with bu]ons indica)ng household members n༆  Press the bu]on before and a^er a household member watches TV Mechanical Device-Nielsen People Meter (Observational data) Nielsen People Meter Diary vs. People Meter n༆  Diary: less precise. n༆  People meter: o༆  More precise o༆  However, a lot of problems with large family. Virtual Observa)on Kimberly Clark While moms verbally claim that they change babies at a diaper table, they change diapers on beds, floors, washing machines, in awkward positions. Seeing the juggling and struggling led to re-design of wipes packaging, with push-button one-handed dispenser. Ques)on •  Frederica manages an upscale women's clothing store. She wants more informa)on about her customers' general feelings about upcoming fall fashions. Frederica will most likely use __________ to gather this type of data. A.  door- to- door surveys B.  focus group interviews C.  syndicated data D.  sales invoices E.  census data Marke)ng research process Defining the Objec)ves and Research Needs Designing the Research Data Collec)on Process Analyzing Data and Developing Insights Ac)on Plan and Implementa)on Step 3: Data Collec)on Process n༆  Data Collection Methods n༆  Observational approach (watching people) n༆  Mechanical device to collect behavioral data n༆  n༆  n༆  n༆  n༆  Scanner data Clickstream data TV rating Watch in person or videotape Questionnaire approach (asking people) n༆  n༆  n༆  Focus group, depth interv...
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