Chapter 7 Information Systems Controls for Systems Reliability Part 2 Final Exam

Used to store an entitys public key often found on

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Unformatted text preview: ther crimes 7. Spam g. The process of turning cipher- text into plain- text 8. Plaintext h. Unwanted e- mail 9. Hashing i. A document or file that can be read by anyone who accesses it 10. Ciphertext j. Used to store an entity’s public key, often found on web sites 11. Information Rights k. A procedure to filter Management (IRM) 12. Certificate authority l. A process that transforms a document or file into a fixed length string of data 13. Non- repudiation m. A document or file that must be decrypted to be read 14. Digital watermark n. A copy of an encryption key stored securely to enable decryption if the original encryption key becomes unavailable 15. Asymmetric encryption o. An encryption process that uses a pair of matched keys, one public and the other private....
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