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Hills Like White Elephants

Hills Like White Elephants - bothers them getting rid of it...

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“Hills Like White Elephants” “Hills Like White Elephants” is about two people at a train station. They are at a train station waiting for their train to arrive. They were going to Madrid. One is an American man while the other is a girl. They sat down and had some beers. They ordered a drink that the girl had not had before and she said that, “it tastes like licorice” (351). The man says that he thinks she should have an operation. It can be implied that the operation is an abortion. He thinks that after the operation everything will go back to how they were. In his opinion since, the baby seems to be the only thing that
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Unformatted text preview: bothers them getting rid of it will make everything better. He tells her that she doesn’t have to have it if she doesn’t want to. She doesn’t really want to have it done but since he does she will do it. He is not happy about this and tells her that she shouldn’t have it done then. She doesn’t really like talking about it. Although, he is very concerned with discussing it she will not discuss it and so they can’t discuss it. In the end, she gives off the impression that she is going to keep the baby....
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