I Go Back To May 1937

I Go Back To May 1937 - heard of. This makes it seems like...

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Journal # 14 I Go Back To May 1937 The poem is about a man who wants to go up to people at a graduation and tell them what is going to happen to them. He was going to tell them how the things they do would turn out to be bad. He decides in the end not to do this. The tone of the poem seems to be sorrow. The persona thinks that all these bad things will happen to these people and he feels bad enough that he is willing to tell them about all of the bad things and help them. It’s interesting when he tells that they “are going to suffer in ways you’ve never
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Unformatted text preview: heard of. This makes it seems like he can predict the future and he knows whats going to happen to them. Also, its interesting when he says, I dont do it. I want to live. I am not sure why he says this. Maybe he thinks that by telling these people they wont believe him. The theme of the poem is that even when you know whats going to happen you need to just let things play themselves out....
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