KNES 355 Syllabus Spring 2014 2

Each team member will be expected to speak during the

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Unformatted text preview: . 8/Elms module dates/topics are subject to modification, pending prior notification KNES 355 McDaniel 4/24/14 4/29/14 5/01/14 5/06/14 5/08/14 Legal, Governance & Public Policy Issues Sport & Fitness Ch. 5, 7, 19/Elms : Professional Sports Ch. 10/Elms Sporting Goods Industry Ch. 19, 21/Elms Group presentations Group presentations Last day of class: Last group presentations and review for final 5/13/14 5/19/14 Final Exam: Thursday, 10:30- 12:30 Course Assignments: Small Group Presentation (40 points): The class will be divided into small groups. Based on information provided by students on course contracts, where possible, the instructor will attempt to group everyone based on their stated career goals (as well as their top interests in certain topic areas relevant to the course). Students will be assigned to their group prior to the midterm exam and the instructor will select a team leader for each group at that time (and the members will develop a fictional name for their particular consulting organization). Each consulting group will be assigned a topic area and provided with some preliminary materials (e.g., articles), to help guide their own efforts in conducting background research on the respective topic areas outside of class. Each group will distill the information they have gathered into an informative presentation, which will include recommendations. You have 20-25 minutes to present the material, using PowerPoint, to guide your talk. Your slides should include at least one graphic, preferably a table or chart. There will also be a question and answer period following each talk. This will be a professional presentation and you should dress accordingly. Each team member will be expected to speak during the presentation and to cover one or two slides (and contribute equally to all facets of the project). Grades will be assigned based on the overall evaluation of the group presentation and performance during question and answer period (along with an assessment of individual performance). Course Policies: Class Participation The University policy on attendance is available at and in the Undergraduate Catalogue. This policy includes information about overall class participation including: religious holidays, inclement weather, excused absences, makeup exam. 4 Classroom Decorum While there are no policies regarding attendance or participation, when in class, students are expected to demonstrate respect for classmates, the instructor and his approach to maintaining a classroom environment conducive to learning. Prior to the start of each class, students are expected to disable cell phone ringers until the end of class....
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