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KNES 355 Syllabus Spring 2014 2

If you are ill or encountering personal difficulties

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Unformatted text preview: .president.umd.edu/policies/v100g.html and Undergraduate Catalog at http://www.umd.edu/catalog/index.cfm/show/content.section/c/27/ss/1584/s/1540 Email – The Official University Correspondence: All enrolled students are provided access to the University’s email system and an email account. All official University email communication will be sent to this email address (or an alternate address if provided by the student). Email has been adopted as the primary means for sending official communications to students, so email must be checked on a regular basis. Academic advisors, faculty, and campus administrative offices use email to communicate important and time- sensitive notices. Verify your email address by going to www.my.umd.edu. Students are responsible for keeping their email address up to date or for redirecting or forwarding email to another address. Failure to check email, errors in forwarding email, and returned email (from “full mailbox” or “unknown user” errors for example), will not excuse a student from missing University announcement, messages, deadlines, etc. Email addresses can be quickly and easily updated at www.my.umd.edu or in- person at the Student Service Counter on the first floor of the Mitchell Building. For technical support for University email: www.helpdesk.umd.edu or call 301- 405- 1400. Late work and Missed Exams / Assignments Late work drops one letter grade per day. There are no makeup exams and no early exams, unless for matters consistent with UMD academic policies (with supporting documentation). It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for making up any missed quizzes or exams (if the absence is excused by university policy). Furthermore, it is also the student’s responsibility to get missed lecture notes from a classmate. Religious Observances: The University System of Maryland policy provides that students should not be penalized because of observances of their religious beliefs; students shall be given an opportunity, whenever feasible, to make up within a reasonable time any academic assignment that is missed due to individual participation in religious observances. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the instructor at the beginning of the semester or at least one week in advance of any intended absences for religious observance. The policy that includes information about Religious Observance is available at: http://www.president.umd.edu/policies/i...
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