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KNES 355 Syllabus Spring 2014 2

Mastery of learning objectives contained in all

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Unformatted text preview: ormat, using PowerPoint slides (which are not made available outside of class). The lectures are built around concepts and strategies from readings (but do not necessarily duplicate readings). They will be supplemented with videos and other media, which draw upon industry examples. The instructor will make every effort to alert/remind students of learning objectives during lectures. Students are expected to come to class having critically engaged readings. It is expected that you will complete assigned readings, which correspond to a particular topic/date outlined herein. Mastery of learning objectives contained in all course materials (readings, lectures and videos) will be evaluated through a combination of testing (four pop- quizzes and two exams) and performance in a short class presentation. Pop quizzes, which query students on recent reading and lecture materials, will be given at the top of the hour. In addition, there are two mixed- format exams (midterm and final), which are not cumulative. Consistent with university policies, attendance in the course is not required. However, it is in the student’s best interest to attend class, in order to gain exposure to testable lecture material and to further understand course materials, through asking questions and engaging in class discussion. Class- participation is not graded but it is strongly encouraged, to enhance learning and to be consistent with the academic culture of our department and university. In addition to the basic rewards of intellectual engagement, in- class participation is helpful in fostering collegial relationships between the instructor and students, which can help with career mentoring and/or letters of recommendation (for students demonstrating motivation and maturity in their approach to the demands of the course). It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for making up any missed quizzes or exams (if the absence is excused by university policy) and to get missed lecture notes from a classmate. Available Support Services: If you are experiencing difficulties in keeping up with the academic demands of this course, contact the Learning Assistance Service, 2202 Shoemaker Building, 301- 314- 7693. Their educational counselors can help with time management, reading, math learning skills, note- taking and exam preparation skills. All their services are free to UM students. Copyright Notice: Class lectures and other materials are copyrighted by me, the course instructor. This includes all tangible course materials, including but not limited to written or recorded lecture, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, tests, and other assignments. Thes...
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