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KNES 355 Syllabus Spring 2014 2

The university health center or health care provider

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Unformatted text preview: Texting during lectures will not be tolerated. Students, who fail to adhere to this policy, should be prepared to receive a reprimand. Consequently, it is advised that you stow phones and digital media such as ipods/headphones, to avoid the temptation of using them. Personal computer use is acceptable for note taking, with speakers muted. Students should be on time and be a good/attentive audience for all guest lectures. dates/topics are subject to modification, pending prior notification KNES 355 McDaniel Absence Policy It is the policy of the university to excuse the absences of students that result from the following causes: illness of the student, or illness of a dependent as defined by Board of Regents policy on family and medical leave; religious observance (where the nature of the observance prevents the student from being present during the class period); participation in university activities at the request of university authorities; and compelling circumstance beyond the students control. Students claiming excused absence must apply in writing and furnish documentary support for their assertion that absence resulted from one of these causes. In accordance with university policy, if you are absent for a single lecture due to illness or some form of personal or family emergency, this absence will be considered “excused” and the instructor will accept a note from you, attesting to the date of the illness/incident, along with an acknowledgement that the information is true. Whenever feasible, you should try to contact the instructor in advance. Major Scheduled Grading Events and Prolonged Absences. Students who miss a Major Scheduled Grading Event due any University excused absence must provide appropriate documentation. Students who miss Major Scheduled Grading Event due to illness or who have a prolonged absence due to illness (multiple consecutive absences due to the same illness) shall be required to provide his or her instructor with written documentation of the illness from the University Health Center or from his or her own health care provider. The University Health Center or health care provider shall verify dates of treatment and indicate the dates the student was unable to meet academic responsibilities. For complete information on the university’s absence policy see http://www...
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