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Unformatted text preview: nderestimated their own attractiveness, with the exception of the condition when women estimated men’s attractiveness as very high …. Desirability by Gender Desirability by Gender (U of N.Mexico, 1999) • Men consistently overestimated their own attractiveness, regardless of the rating they gave women Types of Love – Eric Fromm Types of Love – Eric Fromm • brotherly • parental • erotic • self­love God ­ spirituality Successful “love” relationship Successful (Fromm) • Trust • Caring • Intimate knowledge • Respect Responsibility Ideas about love Ideas about love • Freud (psychoanalytic) …all love is derived from sex, is always an expression of sexual desire • Dorothy Tennov (humanist) …. stage of “limerance” Chemical changes Chemical changes • Limerance/Infatuation ….increase in: dopamine norepinephrine testosterone Chemical changes Chemical changes • Attachment … increase in: vasopressin oxyt...
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