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Dna replica4on is not perfect some environmental

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Unformatted text preview: rents. •  The heritable traits that persist in organisms through 4me are o^en, but not always, ones that have proven advantageous, or vital for survival and reproduc4on. SLIDE 13 13. Adap4ve trait loss and trait gain work by the same biological mechanisms, neither of which involve use and disuse •  Traits are not maintained in a popula4on because of sufficient use and are not lost because of disuse. •  Traits are maintained because individuals with the traits have higher survival and reproduc4on than those without the traits. •  Traits are lost because those without the traits have higher survival and reproduc4on than SLIDE 14 those with the traits. How would you explain the loss of toxicity in Monarch buaerflies? Discuss with your neighbor. SLIDE 15 Natural selec4on Production Transmission Sorting SLIDE 16 varia4on •  Muta4ons •  On Blackboard in Documents folder –  two background documents • ...
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