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Natural selec4on is a two step process step 1 muta4ons

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Unformatted text preview: needs to survive and reproduce now or in the future. –  Beneficial muta4ons are no more likely to evolve than any other muta4on. SLIDE 3 6. Natural selec4on is passive •  Individuals live or die and reproduce or fail to reproduce because of the appropriateness of their traits for their environment (and some amount of chance). •  This process occurs without any ac4ve force or plan. SLIDE 4 7. Natural selec4on, by itself, is incapable of producing new traits •  Most forms of natural selec4on deplete gene4c varia4on by elimina4ng unfit variants. •  Natural selec4on is a two step process: –  Step 1: Muta4ons generate new gene4c varia4on. –  Step 2: Natural selec4on determines which randomly generated variants persist into the next genera4on. SLIDE 5...
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