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Slide 8 slide 9 10 no trait is inherently t the tness

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Unformatted text preview: 8. Natural selec4on is NOT necessary for evolu4on to occur •  Evolu4on is a change over 4me. •  Natural selec4on is just one way this change occurs. •  Others include –  muta4on –  gene4c dri^ –  gene flow SLIDE 6 9. Fitness = reproduc4ve output •  The only traits that increase fitness are those that increase the life4me reproduc4ve output of an individual in its environment. •  The following traits by themselves are NOT fitness: how healthy you are, how strong you are, how big you are, how long you live, etc. SLIDE 7 10. No trait is inherently fit •  The fitness of a trait is completely dependent on the environment. –  The same trait can increase fitness in some environments and decrease fitness in others. –  Traits that are now fit may have been present before they conf...
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