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Unformatted text preview: Transcrip4on •  Transla4on •  Read these for background informa4on –  We may ask ques4ons about these two processes –  You are responsible for having read these as background SLIDE 17 Muta4ons •  Muta4on is the origin of all gene4c varia4on •  Defini4on of muta4on - "any change in the nucleo4de sequence of an organism's DNA" •  Remember: the only muta4ons that get transmiaed to the next genera4ons are those that occur in the cells giving rise to gametes - sperm and egg •  "germ line" cells SLIDE 18 Why do muta4ons occur? •  DNA replica4on is not perfect •  Some environmental factors increase muta4on rates, e.g. radia4on (UV, gamma, etc.), mutagenic chemicals (e.g. ethidium bromide, used in molecular biology to label DNA, making it glow orange under UV light) –  Cause damage to DNA (and other macromolecules) –  Not all damage can be repaired by cells SLIDE 19 How o^en do muta4ons occur? hap:// pierce_table_17_3_FULL.jpg SLIDE 20 Muta4on...
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