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4n chromosomes from mother red chomosomes from father

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Unformatted text preview: REVIEW of mitosis and meiosis; these should already be familiar to you) •  There are MANY varia1ons on this theme –  e.g. male and female reproduc1ve 1ssue may be in the same individual organism: hermaphrodite •  Some animals, many flowering plants SLIDE 9 Mitosis •  Mitosis: DNA replica1on/cell division during growth and development (in mul1cellular plants and animals) •  Takes place in all soma1c 1ssues •  One diploid (2N) cell replicates its chromosomes (“4N”) and then divides once, resul1ng in two diploid (2N) daughter cells that are exact copies of the original cell •  [N refers to the haploid chromosome number. N for humans = 23, N for Drosophila melanogaster = 4] SLIDE 10 Mitosis Pre- mito1c cell 2N chromosome replica1on (S- phase: synthesis) in this example N=2 chromosomes 4N Chromosomes from mother: red Chomosomes from father: blue pole pole Mito1c metaphase Daughter cells 2N 2N SLIDE 11 Meiosis •  Meiosis: DNA replica1on/cell division during the produc1on of gametes (sperm and egg) –  Takes place only in “germ line” 1ssues in the gonad •  “soma” versus “germ line” dis1nc1on ...
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