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Host technologyvaccines and drugs slide 6 natural

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Unformatted text preview:   surface proteins interact with host immune system •  many different strains exist in the human pop. any given year –  only a few survive to yield infec1ous viruses the next year –  strains with the most changes in surface proteins tend to be the best survivors •  by studying many strains over many years, researchers now know which amino acid posi1ons in the surface proteins tend to evolve quickly –  this knowledge and evolu1onary theory can be used to help predict the evolu1on of the virus in future years •  viruses bafle using high muta1on rates, crea1ng new strains •  humans bafle using –  adap1ve immune system (vast diversity of antobodies against specific protein sequences can be produced by a host) –  technology:vaccines and drugs SLIDE 6 Natural selec1on Production Transmission Sorting SLIDE 7 Produc1on of gene1c varia1on • ...
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