Bio 201 S14 intro module v2

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Unformatted text preview: ma<on in BB •  office hours will be posted in BB as soon as they are set •  Office hours will be held in the Biology Learning Lab sk Gena or Rocio, and the UGTAs first ey are your MAIN resource for all ques<ons about ntent of this course - mail amer 5 PM the day before an exam will not be nswered before the exam ee me or Prof. Nehm amer class rof. True’s office hours fe Sciences 114 ,F 1- 2 rof. Nehm office hours fe Sciences 672 2- 3 if you are on the wai<ng list ee LyneRe Giordano in Undergraduate iology for informa<on on posi<on # in the ai<ng list io 201 is also offered in Fall and online in ummer ook: Life: The Science of Biology Edition (e-Version for SBU Bio 201 in Bookstore) dava, Hillis, Heller, & Berenbaum THER EDITIONS NOT SUPPORTED • Readings for each lecture are in the syllabus – Please try to read them before the lecture – TA can help with access problems to online content B for en<re syllabus yllabus for University statements on Electronic unica<on, Personal Conduct, Academic Integrity, Disabil cademic dishonesty includes Plagiarism lagiarism includes copying other students’ ork – We expect each student to submit independent work - assignments should not be done as groups...
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