Bio 201 S14 intro module v2

G note from medical professional or career related

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Unformatted text preview: unless indicated – Last semester we prosecuted at Academic Judiciary a number of students for copying from other students ead & get to know these & use them to rganize your studying – you will need to know these for the exams core ideas: – Nature and prac<ce of science – Evolu<on – Informa<on flow – Systems – Structure and Func<on Lectures are recorded in Echo cho videos linked on Blackboard ade will consist of 3 MID TERMS ( 20% each) CUMULATIVE FINAL EXAM (20%) CLICKER QUESTIONS (15%) HOMEWORKS & REVIEW QUIZZES (5%) d term exams are given during lecture period in Frey 100&102 me rooms as lectures) Makeups only for MEDICAL/POLICE EMERGENCY OR BEREAVEMENT WITH DOCUMENTATION (e.g. NOTE FROM MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL) •  or career-related interview or conference – with documentation •  athletes: away game or match (please provide schedule) No other excuses acceptable u (or someone) must let us know (by e-mail) about your absence ore 5PM on exam day Amer each class: review quiz ques<...
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