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Bio 201 S14 intro module v2

Shtml f you dont want to take mulple nal xams in one

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Unformatted text preview: ons bout 3 per class osted by 2PM the day amer class ue 11AM next class day n Blackboard ull credit for doing them; no penalty for eqng them wrong – BB gradebook will tell you how many you got right extra credit opportunity orth up to 5% of overall final course score UST FILL OUT A BLACKBOARD UESTIONNAIRE AT THE BEGINNING OF OURSE AND AT THE END ore details in lecture 1 Mid term exams id term exams are given during lecture period in rey 100&102 (same rooms as lectures; you will be ssigned to one of them) – dates 19- Feb, 26- Mar, 23- April – Be on <me! – Doors cl...
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