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Color vision is geneacally determined we will examine

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Unformatted text preview: eyes, green or yellow peas, etc. •  e.g. Height, weight, body color, complex behaviors •  Tend to show CONTINUOUS VARIATION in natural populaAons •  Can approach these by modeling them as being determined by mulGple Mendelian factors •  This is the basis of the field of quanGtaGve geneGcs hZp:// BiologyPages/H/histogram.gif ConAnuous variaAon HypotheAcal example chromosome Allele promoAng large size Allele promoAng small size Large male Genotype of sperm (haploid) Genotype of egg (haploid) But keep in mind: genes aren’t the whole story! Small female Medium- sized offspring Genotype of offspring (diploid) Natural selecAon Production Transmission Sorting SLIDE 7 SorAng of geneAc variaAon in natural selecAon •  Model trait: color vision –  Color vision is variable in some animal populaAons •  Including humans –  How do we explain the presence of dichromaAc vision in some species and trichromaAc vi...
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