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Meioac recombinaaon of alleles occurs in the parental

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Unformatted text preview: predator. FALSE •  The buZerflies evolved toxicity by the increased survival and reproducAon of those with higher levels of toxicity. •  TRUE A DNA sequence (only one strand shown) changes from AATTCGCGTTA to AATTCGCTTGA . What kind of mutaAon is this? A.  Point mutaAon B.  DeleAon C.  DuplicaAon D.  Inversion E.  InserAon Clicker: Why do human kids (other than idenAcal twins) usually look different from each other and from their siblings? A.  they inherit different mixtures of parental alleles due to independent assortment B.  meioAc recombinaAon of alleles occurs in the parental germ cells C.  many deleterious mutaAons occur when each human produces gametes D.  both A and B are true Independent Assortment two loci illustrated on two different chromosomes (in this case, A/a; B/b double heterozygote; “dihibrid cross”) A a division A replication B 2nd division 1st a a A pre-meiotic cell (2N) a b b A or 1st division...
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