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Brian Rosauer 1099 Words “To An Athlete Dying Young” & “Ex-Basketball Player” When an athlete retires there is still a sense of yearning to want to come back play again. If an athlete dies there is a sense of accomplishment from spectators that might not have been there when the athlete was alive. There are many similarities and differences between the poems “To An Athlete Dying Young” and “Ex-Basketball Player.” They both incorporate strong images and figurative language. The act of dying young gives off the feeling that the records cannot be broken is the theme of the poem “To An Athlete Dying Young.” The person who the poem is written about is a runner. The runner was very good and in turn held a lot of records while he was alive. The persona of the poem is a male who would watch the athlete run and the runner has since died. The author, A. E. Housman, uses powerful images to show how the runner’s records will always be his. While dying young may cause records to never be broken leaving the game can cause a need to return. Not being able to get away from the game is the theme of the poem “Ex-Basketball Player.” Flick, is a man who works at a gas station in the town that he used to play basketball in. He used to be very good at basketball. The persona of the poem is someone who used to watch Flick play basketball. The author, John Updike, uses gas pumps to show how a basketball team is made up. The two poems both have recurring images that make the overall meaning of each of the poems that much more powerful. In “To An Athlete Dying Young”, it begins in the first stanza with an image from when the runner was still alive. The persona talks about,
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“When we chaired you through the market-place.” This gives the reader the impression that the runner had a big impact on the townspeople. In the third stanza we are introduced to the athletes records. “From fields where glory does not stay,/ And early through the laurel grows/ It withers quicker then the rose.” This shows that the records do not last long. In the fourth stanza it talks about the runner’s view on his records. “Eyes the shady night has shut/ Cannot see
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Poem Essay - Brian Rosauer 1099 Words "To An Athlete...

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