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Powwow 79, Durango

Powwow 79, Durango - jewelry and powwow stuff.” They go...

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Journal # 12 Powwow 79, Durango The poem is about a powwow, taking place at a gym. There is a conversation between a daughter and father. The tone of the poem is one of joy. They are very happy that they will be able to have a powwow sin there hasn’t been “one in almost three years.” It’s interesting that they talk about how many dancers and the “booths piled with
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Unformatted text preview: jewelry and powwow stuff.” They go into the gym and look at all the Indians in the bleachers. It’s interesting that they say the color of their hair and skin when they know that they are Indians. It does show that they are defiantly Indians. The theme of the poem is that a powwow will bring together many Indians to have a good time and celebrate....
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