Physical system may use a periodicidle signal to

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Unformatted text preview: system may use a periodic“idle” signal to maintain reference sampling time. Then the start of a frame can be defined by a start delimiter pattern that violates the period for a standard time, usually 8 bit times: In other physical systems, no signal occurs unless a frame is to be transmitted. In such cases a “preamble” waveform - initial periodic, then start of frame delimiter. M ethods for start and end of frame (Excluding delimiter pattern): 1. Starting and ending flags, with bit stuffing. 2. Flag bytes with byte stuffing. 3. Byte count or length field. Most common flag: 01111110. Usually start and end flag, bit stuffing after 5 ones. Error Control bit errors. A frame can be lost. An error in a start flag can make the start of the frame unrecognizable. An error in the data field can cause a false end flag, loss of part of the frame. Error control tools: Added redundant bits for error detection, error correction. retransmission of frames with detected errors. Error control can be exercised on each link, on noisy links only, and/or end-to-end at the transport layer. The basic principles for reliable communication despite errors: 1. Include enough redundant bits for error detection so that the chance of undetected error is negligible. 2. Use acknowledgments, and if there is any doubt that some data unit was not received correctly, retransmit it. 3. Sequence number the data. ERROR DETECTION A frame of data usually includes check bits for error detection. k = number of "data" bits in the frame. c = number of checking bits. n = k+c = total frame length, excluding flags. So the fraction of all n-tuples that check perfectly is just Error detection and correction - receiver space With N correction points per decision region, the fraction of points in decision regions is...
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