Voltmeter design _ Dc Metering Circuits

Voltmeter design Dc Metering Circuits

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Unformatted text preview: R3 + R2 + R1 RTota l = 900 kΩ + 90 kΩ + 9 kΩ + 500 Ω http://www.allaboutcir cuits.com/vol_1/chpt_8/2.html 5/6 1/22/2014 Voltmeter desig n : Dc M eter ing Cir cuits RTota l = 999.5 kΩ T he advant age, of c ourse, is t hat t he individual mult iplier resist or values are more c ommon (900k, 90k, 9k) t han some of t he odd values in t he f irst design (999.5k, 99.5k, 9.5k). F rom t he perspec t ive of t he met er user, however, t here will be no disc ernible dif f erenc e in f unc t ion. REVIEW: Ext ended volt met er ranges are c reat ed f or sensit ive met er movement s by adding series "mult iplier" resist ors t o t he movement c irc uit , providing a prec ise volt age division rat io. Relat ed Links Worksheet : Perf ormanc e- based assessment s f or semic onduc t or c irc uit c ompet enc ies Worksheet : T h'evenin's, Nort on's, and Maximum Power T ransf er t heorems Worksheet : Impedanc e Worksheet : Perf ormanc e- based assessment s f or DC c irc uit c ompet enc ies Worksheet : Ammet er design Worksheet : Volt met er design Worksheet : Volt age divider c irc uit s Worksheet : Parallel DC c irc uit s F orum: Volt met er design problem, please help F orum: Expanded sc ale Volt met er http://www.allaboutcir cuits.com/vol_1/chpt_8/2.html 6/6...
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