Homework is due immediately after the class on the

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Unformatted text preview: k collection • • • • Check the due date in the syllabus. Homework is due immediately after the class on the due date. No late homework is accepted for whatever reasons. One lowest score will be dropped to accommodate any special needs. 8 Syllabus (Quizzes) In class quizzes – – To check your class attendance and to know how well you understand the lecture No prior announcements 9 Syllabus (Grading) – Three one-hour exams and one final exam Course Grading Three one-hour exams 50% Final exam 30% 50% Homework 10% 30% 10% Class participation, quizzes, blogs – – – 10% 10% The exams do not necessarily look like homework assignments or previous exams. No makeup exam except conflict with another exam. For illness and emergency, the mean of the two other hourly exam will be the mean score for the three one-hour exam. A note from your doctor is required in case of sickness. 10 Syllabus (Help) ME 2142 Tutorial room (Schedule will be posted outside of the room) • Yan Chen’s office hours (right after class) in ME room 3003G (MW) or the tutorial room (F) • • ME 200 Peer Mentors (Peer Mentors) • Supplemental Instruction (www.purdue.edu/si) • ME 200 blog (http://www.purdue.edu/mixable) 11 Syllabus (Lecture notes) Lecture notes to be downloaded from Blackboard Learn: https://mycourses.purdue.edu/ If manageable, grades may be posted there as well. 12 Syllabus (Cont’d) – Academic honest A word of warning! 13 Thermodynamic Systems • What is “Thermodynamics”? • Why? 14 General Definition Thermal dynamics deals with conversion of energy to different forms 15 Applications of Thermodynamics • Power plant 16 Applications of Thermodynamics • Air planes 17 Applications of Thermodynamics • Air conditioning 18 Applications of Thermodynamics • Human body 19 Closed System • (or control mass) 20 Open System • (or con...
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