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McPhaul1 Kyndal McPhaul Mrs. Bennington-Dykes ENC1102 February 15, 2008 Writing Assignment #5 In 2001, when President Bush “declared war” on Afghanistan, the majority of the country stood by his decision. Americans stood behind the war in Afghanistan because the war had a purpose to it. The people of America wanted vengeances on the terrorists that attacked the country on September 11. But now, seven odd years later, the United States is at war with Iraq. It is obvious that the American government underestimated the American people thinking that they would never realize the switch between the two countries. Because of the subtle shift the War on Terrorism in Iraq is unjust and is a fighting battle with no purpose. This war is tearing America apart, and will eventually be the downfall to the country. America has split into two opposing sides about the justification of the war in Iraq. The last time Americans split into two sides, a Civil War broke out which almost ruined the country. On one side of the war, you have the liberals that are anti-war, peace seekers; then on the opposite side you have the conservatives who believe that since we have begun fighting that we must push forward until the mission is successful. If America stays in this war much longer, future generations from now will only remember the United States as the “Land of the Free” through stories from the ones before them because like many great nations before America, they found their demise when they too tried to invade and conquer smaller, feebler countries. In every war that has been fought
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McPhaul2 before this war, many soldiers have lost their lives. In the Revolutionary war, men were ready to sacrifice their lives, so the generations after them could enjoy the freedom being offered. Many years later, the United States was attacked by Japan, and the next day America declared war. Young men from around the country were volunteering to protect the freedom that had been fought for so many years before. These men were proud and honored to fight for their country. This sense oh honor is what makes the wars before the
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thwa 5 - McPhaul1 Kyndal McPhaul Mrs. Bennington-Dykes...

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