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10 in circulatory system campbell figure 4211 blood

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Unformatted text preview: e igure 42.10 In circulatory system Campbell Figure 42.11 Blood pressure measurement: 140 / 90 (systolic/diastolic) and above indicates high blood pressure (clinical hypertension) high Systolic blood pressuret Diastolic blood pressuret Campbell Figure 42.10 Campbell Figure 42.12 Arterial vessel wall - more muscular - lumen is smaller ……than in large vein, immediately below. Campbell Figure 42.10 Campbell Figures 42.10 Campbell and 42.20 and Campbell Figure 42.7 Human heart diagram Campbell Figure 42.5 Lectures 5 and 6 - Vascular transport, heart and blood pressure heart 5. Cardiac cycle 5. - regulation of opening of heart valves and regulation contraction of atria and ventricles contraction Campbell Figure 42.9 Campbell Figure 42.10 Initiation of cardiac cycle and Ca++ “wave” “wave” 1. Induced by Na+ channel 1. opening in myocardial cell in SA node resulting in depolarization (Na+ ions flow depolarization into cell and change membrane potential from -90mV to +...
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