15 16 ascending loop of henle retains water loses

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Unformatted text preview: nside nephron Campbell Figures 44.15-16 Ascending Loop of Henle: retains water, loses salt Ascending [active transport, thickened walls of nephron] nephron] (units in mOsm/L) In epithelial cell membranes: - few aquaporin-1 (water transporter) - high density of Na+/K+ pumps - Na+/Cl- cotransp. - only salt moves out of filtrate even as extracellular solute conc. falls towards cortex - REDUCE SALT CONC. OF LOW VOLUME FILTRATE The greater the mOsm/L value, the more salt/urea concentrated the fluid: - in extracellular fluid when indicated outside nephron - in filtrate when indicated inside nephron Campbell Figures 44.15-16 Distal tubule: ADH-regulated water loss, loses salt Distal (active transport) 1. Filtrate entering the distal tubule is low salt conc. (~100 1. Filtrate mOsm/L) and low volume (extr.cell fluid, 300mOsm/L) mOsm/L) (extr.cell 2. High density of Na+/K+ pumps and Na+/Clcotransporters in epithelial cells: further active transport of salt out of filtrate transport 3. If dehydrated/lose blood (low blood volume/p...
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