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ap gov chap 8 - Dana Hopkins Chapter 8 Elections and...

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Dana Hopkins Chapter 8: Elections and Campaigns 1. Elections have two phases A .Getting nominated- name on the ballot i. You decide to run ii. You raise money iii. You and your friends collect signatures iv. You appeal to voters on basis of personality and issues b. Getting elected A. Presidential versus Congressional Campaigns Presidential and congressional a. Differs in… i. Size- more voters participate ii. Pres are more competitive than house 1. Incumbent- the person currently in office a. They usually win over 60% of the votes in the house votes b. In the pres race the winner gets less than 55% of the two party vote 2. Pres cannot serve more than 2 terms so once every eight years there is the chance of running against a nonincumbent 3. Whereas in the house members can serve for unlimited terms so the chances are you will run against an incumbent 4. The odds are against you when running against an incumbent iii.
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