Psychology 418-practice midterm 1-2014

Psychology 418-practice midterm 1-2014

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Unformatted text preview: d. .5 standard deviations below the mean of 1 15. Ordinal scales: a. Use numbers to distinguish among objects b. Have equal intervals between objects c. Are used to place objects in order on a continuum d. Are like interval scales except they have a true zero point 16. A study is conducted to test the effect of a new medication on heart rate during exercise. Each person in the experimental group is instructed to take the medication and then run a mile as quickly as possible. When they finish, their pulse is taken. This process is repeated every day at the same time for one week. The control group has the same amount of people as the experimental group. Each person in the control group is instructed to do everything in the same way as the experimental group, with the exception of taking the medication. This process is repeated every day at the same time for one week. Throughout the course of the week, six people in the control group become ill and are unable to participate in the study. Based on this, which is a possible internal threat to the validity of the study? a. Instrumental b. Maturation c. Mortality d. Place 17. Debriefing involves: a. explaining the purpose of a study to subjects after completion of data collection b. having the participants read and sign an in...
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