Psychology 418-practice midterm 1-2014

A what percentage of 4th graders scored better than 55

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Unformatted text preview: 25. What are the disadvantages and advantages of open-ended, closed-ended, and partially open-ended questions? 26. What are the costs and benefits of increasing the number of independent variable levels in an experiment? Name________________________________________________ 27. Explain why relevant variables are not desirable in an experiment. 28. Name three different types of reliability and give an explanation of each. Name________________________________________________ 29. In what type of situation might an investigator argue that deception is necessary? How can informed consent be obtained in such a situation? 30. Professor Batman gave out a questionnaire on stress levels to the employees of the Super Sock Factory. This stress questionnaire is known to have a population mean of 12 with a population standard deviation of 3. I want to identify the lowest 15% and the highest 15% of stress scores so I can interview them about their stress levels. Below what score lies the...
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