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On the alternate night subjects are randomly awakened

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Unformatted text preview: sure range from 0 to 60 with high scores indica$ve of high life sa$sfac$on; low scores indica$ve of low life sa$sfac$on. The older adult mean is 45, with an SEM of 4. The younger adult mean is 47, with an SEM of 3. Compute the appropriate test to determine whether there is a difference between the 2 groups. Sleep researchers decide to test the impact of REM sleep depriva$on on a computerized assembly line task. 24 subjects are required to par$cipate in two nights of tes$ng. On each night of tes$ng the subject is allowed a total of four hours of sleep. However, on one of the nights, the subject is awakened immediately upon achieving REM sleep. On the alternate night, subjects are randomly awakened at various $mes throughout the 4 hour total sleep session. Tes$ng condi$ons are counterbalanced so that half of the subjects experience REM depriva$on on the first night...
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