monfils 418_independent t-test

bushman 1998 study of violent videos and aggressive

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Unformatted text preview: alters subsequent measurements) t Test for Two Independent Sample Means •  OJen we have a situa$on in which repeated measures is inappropriate or impossible (e.g. any $me measuring the dependant variable once alters subsequent measurements) •  In this situa$on we must use a between- subjects design Independent samples t- tests - Today we will extend the logic of hypothesis tes$ng to test hypotheses about the difference between two sample means (x1 and x2) that come from completely different samples of people - Independent samples t- tests are used to compare the means of two independent samples of people t Test for Two Independent Sample Means •  The null hypothesis states that these two independent samples are random samples from the same popula$on Violent Videos Again (Sorry!) •  Bushman (1998) study of violent videos and aggressive behavior •  Bushman had two independent groups of par$cipants; each watched a different video –...
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