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Unformatted text preview: Kimmswoci Spring pi R San Diego L St. Meadowcroft nt ou Shriver M o c Lake Chippewa Mi Lake Bonneville Great Lakes Engis Gough’s Cave Lake Minong AMERICA ssouri y N O RT H Wilson Butte Cave Calico Hills Clovis Settled by 35,000 BCE Lake Aggassiz Lake Missoula ou Ice corridor opened from 11,300 BCE Lake Lahontan Laurentide Ice Sheet a h e l CRAIMC01_001-039hr.qxp 8/12/10 3:57 PM Page 5 Last dwarf mammoths become extinct c.3000 BCE Wrangel I s l and Lena Yenis ey Settled by c.45,000 BCE Ob ’ Volga Pushkari Mladec E b a i r e Am ur Mal’ta Kostienki Mezhirich Gobi C Aral Sea as Predmostí Dolní Vçstonice i S Sunghir pia S I A Yellow Ri ve r Zhoukoudian Romanelli hu ea Hons A nS B lack Sea Lake Tig ris Lake Konya Shanidar E r Yangtz m al Ga a y a ng s e Earliest settlers c.40,000 BCE e Yuanmou s Maba a Bhimbetka Arabian Nazlet Khatir Nile East Asia: Earliest evidence for hominid colonization dates to c.1.7 million years ago India Peninsula Patne M ng eko Mega Chad R I C Tabon Cave A Lake Galla Sunda C F Ph ilippin e Islands First settled c.60,000 BCE O A IC PACIF First evidence of human burials a i Ind us H Haua Fleah Pamwak tra OCEAN B orneo ma G r e a t R i f t Va l l e y Olduvai Gorge INDIAN N Lake Victoria Su Olduvai Gorge: Site of first discoveries of Australopithecus boisei and Homo habilis, dating from c.2.5 million years ago EA Niah Cave Congo G r e a t R i f t Va l l e y Kisese Zambezi Kalahari Desert Apollo 11 Cave Orange R r ive Boomplaas Klasies River Mouth Kosipe Lake Cur peutaria asca r Koolan Solomon Islands Australia: Fully modern humans colonize Australia from Southeast Asia, from c.60,000 years ago; they utilize land bridges created by lowered sea levels during last Ice Age Cuckadoo dag Earliest African rock art Southern Africa: From c.120,000 years ago, early hominids colonize more marginal areas of Africa Nombe Sahul Migration of early modern humans begins c.150,000 years ago Lake Makgadikgadi New Guinea Earliest evidence of use of boats Java Ma h Hoshino Fukui up hra tes u Japan Puritjarra Lion Cave Border Cave Kenniff Cave Australia Koonalda Cave Arumvale Panaramitee Lake Nawait Keilor g rlin Da Lake Mungo Earliest evidence of human cremation c.26,000 BCE Kow Swamp New Zealand Tasmania Beginner’s Luck Cave Bone Cave 5 CRAIMC01_001-039hr.qxp 6 8/12/10 3:57 PM Page 6 Part 1 Human Origins and Early Civilizations to 500 B.C.E. Wondjina. An image depicting cloud and rain spirits from Chamberlain Gorge in western Australia, painted perhaps 12,000 years ago. Greek, “new stone”). Productive animals, such as sheep and goats, and food crops, such as wheat and barley, were first domesticated in the mountain foothills Read the Document where they already lived or grew in the The Toolmaker (3300 B.C.E.) wild. at Once they had domesticated these plants and animals, people could move to areas where these plants and animals did not occur naturally, such as the river valleys of the region. The invention of pottery during the Neolithic Age enabled people to store surplus foods and liquids and to transport Hear the Audio at them, as well as to cook agricul...
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