Unit 11 - Grp Rep - Consol Fin Stat

Distributions eg dividends received in excess of post

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Unformatted text preview: rnings of the investee arising after the date of acquisition. • Distributions e.g. dividends received in excess of post-acq. profits are regarded as a recovery/return of investment in subsidiary and thus are recognised as a reduction of the cost of the investment. 35 Elimination of Intra-group Dividends from Pre-acquisition Profits • The dividend paid by the subsidiary to holding company out of the profits in existence at the date of acquisition is termed as pre-acquisition dividends. It is regarded as: – A reduction in the cost of investment in the subsidiary; and – The dividend portion paid out of profit earned after acquisition (i.e. post-acquisition profit) should be treated as income in the accounts of the holding company. • The ledger adj. journal in the books of parent should be: • Dr Bank / Dividends receivable (H Ltd) XXX • Cr Investment in subsidiary (pre-acq. div.) XXX 36 Example 3 Statements of F/P of H Ltd and S Ltd at 31 December 20X1 when H Ltd acquired 80% of the shares in S Ltd: Fixed Assets Investment in S Ltd Current Assets - Bank Current Liabilities Share Capital @$1 Retained profits H Ltd $000 6,000 1,800 2,000 9,800 (1,000) 8,800 S Ltd $000 2,000 700 2,700 (1,000) 1,700 8,000 800 8,800 1,200 500 1,700 Assume that immediately after the acquisition, S Ltd pa...
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