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instead state the solution contained 10 mm nacl a

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Unformatted text preview: pecific details, are described in the order that they should appear in the report. Reports should be no longer than 2 pages, excluding figures and tables. 1. Heading Your name Section number or TA's name (e.g. Jenn's section) 2. Purpose - state the purpose of the experiment in a sentence. 3. Methods and Materials The Materials and Methods (M&M) section should be written in paragraph format. Methods should NOT be written as lists of steps, as they might appear in your notebook or in a recipe. Avoid excessive detail. For example, DON'T state: "The solution was prepared by adding 5 µL of 200 mM NaCl to 95 µL of deionized water. " Instead, state: "The solution contained 10 mM NaCl." A reader who chooses to repeat your experiment may have his/her own way of preparing the solutions. The final concentrations of components are the important consideration. If you are using a published technique or reagent, you do not need to repeat all the details in the M&M section. Instead, you may refer to the published procedure or formulation. In this course, you can refer to a protocol in th...
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