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While preparing the reports teams should also look at

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Unformatted text preview: Some micro- reports will contain a single figure, while others will also include a table that analyzes the data. Teams are also expected to upload their data figures, but not the tables, to the class data sharing site. Students should use the feedback from their oral presentations when they prepare their micro- reports. While preparing the reports, teams should also look at the results obtained by students in other sections who worked with the same strains and plasmids. You should not reproduce the results from other sections in your report (remember the plagiarism and academic integrity rules!), but you are free to discuss their results, as long as you give proper attribution. Good science is reproducible. Did other students get the same results as you did? As you write, keep in mind that good scientific writing is PRECISE and CONCISE! The instructions below are general guidelines for micro- reports. Not all of these guidelines will apply for every mini- report. See the specific instructions for individual lab reports. Parts of the lab report, together with s...
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