Lecture 21x

Gap pairrule and segment polarity genes interact to

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Unformatted text preview: p in head region, too, causes legs to form in place of antenna! 3 4/25/13 Deletion of ultrabithorax3rd thoracic segment looks like 2nd— results in a fly with four wings. Gap, Pair ­rule and segment polarity genes interact to regulate the homeo9c selector genes Gap and pair rule gene proteins are transient, but the identities of the segments must be stabilized so that differentiation can occur. Repression of homeo9c genes maintained by polycomb family proteins Ac9ve chroma9n conforma9on maintained by trithorax proteins Next step: find the realisator genes that give the segments their unique identity! Developmental control of posterior spiracle forma9on through AbdB. Abdominal, posterior spiracles connect trachea to filzkorper (end of larvae) Respiratory organ Necessary and sufficient for posterior spiracle development 4...
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