Lecture 21x

Maintains the con9nued expression of engrailed and

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Unformatted text preview: undaries have been established, the characteristic structures of each segment are specified by the! …maintains the con9nued expression of engrailed and wingless homeotic selector genes ad ts in ac Gap, Pair ­rule and segment polarity genes interact to regulate the homeo9c selector genes. These determine the iden9ty of each segment. ult s Homeotic selector genes contained in two regions of chromosome 3. Hom-C, homeotic complex = the chromosomal region containing both antennapedia and bithorax complexes *these regions specify the fly body parts Because homeotic genes are responsible for the specification of body parts, mutations in them lead to bizarre phenotypes! In situ hybridiza9on for four genes at the extended germ band. engrailed (light blue) expression paQern separates the body into segments Antennapedia (green) Ultrabithorax (purple) separate the thoracic and abdominal regions Distal ­less (red) shows the placement of jaws and the beginnings of limbs. In flies, 2nd thoracic segment has wings and legs and is controlled by Antp gene. Expressing ant...
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